Our Story

Our business started in 2004 as a small manufacturing company that customized jewelry for different corporate events. We were looked upon as the company that provided great customer service and beautiful dynamic jewelry designs. We made the company bigger by curating innovative, hard-to-find, beautiful fashion-forward jewelry into our lineup. Fast forward to today and we are still working hard curating and securing hard to find pieces direct from suppliers, we bargain hard to get the best price, and then pass the savings on to our customers. We then go above and beyond by backing all of our jewelry with a lifetime guarantee which is the foundation of the business we are today.

We curate a hard-to-find designer inspired collection, an exquisite Sterling Silver collection and feature high-end (5A) AAAAA rated cubic zirconia (CZ) synthetic diamonds. Modern scientific alchemy has finally created a stunningly brilliant jewel with uncompromising beauty that exceeds the qualities of a mined diamond, while also providing the sensible and enduring value that make every piece collectible, fashionable and imminently wearable. The CZ is a virtually perfect stone, and due to it's pristine clarity and mathematically perfect cut, it has even more brilliance than many of the finest premium diamonds available. Our stones are all displayed in quality settings crafted in .925 Sterling Silver and finished in 18K Gold or Platinum/Rhodium. Only you will know that our stones are not genuine diamonds. Now you can own stunning, elegant jewelry for every occasion and ensemble at a mere fraction of the cost.